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4th Annual Cell Therapy Analytical Development 2022

4th Annual Cell Therapy Analytical Development 2022

Standardize Analytical Testing to Confidently Characterize Cell Potency, Safety, Viability & Sterility Across Autologous & Allogeneic Products
Returning for the 4th year, the Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit is the leading industry-defining forum made exclusively for analytical, process development, CMC, QC, and regulatory experts. New for 2022, take advantage of two tracks of content showcasing; Pre-IND & Early Clinical Development - Exploring Assay Development for Best-in-Class Early-Stage Characterization - Establishing the Safety of Cell Therapy Products with Comprehensive Analytics - Starting with the End-in-Mind: Considerations for Raw & Starting Material Analysis - Optimizing Early-Stage Analytics to Bolster Speed to IND Submission & Phase 1 Launch Clinical Development & Commercialization - Improving Method Validation to Prepare for Successful Clinical Production - Approaching Later-Stage Analytical & Process Technology Transfers - Scaling Up from Clinical Development to Commercialization & Preparing for Release - Optimizing Analytics During Manufacturing, Dealing with Process Changes And don’t miss out on all of our plenary presentations! … as well as a variety of plenary presentations and pre-conference workshops to equip your team with the lessons learned to achieve success in analytical submission from pre-IND through to commercialization. Learn from analytical trailblazers at BMS, Kite, Novartis, Takeda, and more to support your efforts in developing safe and effective cell therapies.