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BOP(harvey) wsg Jive Colossus | Otus Supply | Ferndale, MI

BOP(harvey) wsg Jive Colossus | Otus Supply | Ferndale, MI

With an early reggae influence, this septet gradually incorporated ska, African, and Latin rhythms over four independent releases in the mid-'80s. Back for One Night Only!
Let's face it, thirty-six freakin' years is a long freakin' time. BOP(harvey)'s long, strange trip began with an auspicious 1984 backyard party that was anything but remarkable - as any of you in attendance can attest to. And yet, somehow, within a year we were devoting our lives to the tours, the songs, the shows, and all of you weirdos that were crazy enough to encourage us. By the time we disbanded in 1994, we had performed over 2000 shows, released 10 albums, traveled over half a million miles, relocated to the rambunctious town of Providence, RI, made a decent dent in the radio charts, scratched the surface of MTV, partied with a president and kicked late night TV right in its Conans. And while we were at it, we got a few million people shaking their derrieres. Not bad for a bunch of knuckleheads from Michigan State University. Then, against all odds, we reunited for our 25th anniversary and realized that not only we were no longer sick to death of each other, but that the music still mattered. After all, it was always about the music (...and the girls...and the free beer...but I digress). Jive Colossus: Formed in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2012, Jive Colossus debuted at the 2013 Water Hill Music Festival. Originally an instrumental group, the 9-piece ensemble added lead vocalist Shelley Catalan in late Fall 2014. Her lively vocal stylings percolate over danceable, infectious grooves punctuated with colorful horn riffs. From Afrobeat to Funk, Jazz, Calypso, R&B, Soul, Reggae, Rock and more, the music of Jive Colossus reflects the deep musical roots and diverse experiences of its members.