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Square Dance Lessons for Beginners

Square Dance Lessons for Beginners

brings people together, brain building, like a game, non-competitive, good for step counters, all kinds of music and fine for two-left-feet folks.
Dance in a square, make a circle of friends. No experience is needed, everything is taught as we dance. It's 'Simon Says' to music. Any song with a good beat can be used, including current hits. Partner suggested, NOT required. A step counter's delight, dancing is more fun than walking. Low impact movement. Non-competitive, Nothing to bring or buy. Casual dress, comfortable shoes. Everyone dances together. Ages 10 to 100. Younger children can play while we dance. This is a perfectly relaxing way to spend the evening. Two left feet? You are our kind of person. Smiles required, laughter provided.
Spokane Valley